For ages 5-9 years.  For those who would like to try synchronized swimming without the full year commitment. This  twelve week program will run one day per week with two sessions during the season.  AquaGo benefits participants by:

- Introducing new ways to move in and out of the water

- Developing physical and aquatic literacy

- Being accessible and inclusive - AquaGo welcomes all abilities, skill levels, and participants

- Providing fitness and health benefits and the opportunity to participate for life

- Developing teamwork skills

Prerequisites: Being able to submerge and swim in deep water (with or without a floatation device)

Cost:       N/A        

Wardrobe:      A comfortable one piece swimsuit and goggles

Dates:            N/A

Time:          N/A     

Recreational/Competitive Program: (due to COVID restrictions, this program is only offered for RETURNING swimmers only)

This program is designed for swimmers aged at least 8 years old who have no previous synchro experience or who want to swim without competing in meets.Swimmers work on the Synchro Canada Star Award Program which offers progressive, step by step instruction and evaluation suitable for a variety of ages and abilities. Swimmers start with basic movements and move to more advance techniques as swimmers progress through the levels. Swimmers will learn all the fundamental sculls, basic figures, and be introduced to  sequence/routine components in the early levels(Stars 1-10). They will then move onto the most challenging figures in the Superstar 1-7 levels. Swimmers generally move through 1-2 star levels a year in this program. Swimmers will be placed on teams where they will develop a routine that will be performed at the annual water show. Practices may consist of a warm up, cardiovascular exercises, flexibility training, as well as skill development  and routines.

Prerequisites- Swimmers should be comfortable in deep water, able to swim 50m(2 lengths) without aids, and tread water for at least 1 minute. Swimmers also need to have the maturity and endurance levels to participate in 90 minute practices.

Cost:                          $1000 (Mon/Wed) or $1300 (Mon/Wed/Fri) (monthly installment plans provided)     

                                    Fees include OSSQ swim cap, noseclip, watershow

                                    swimsuit, and professional team photos.

Wardrobe:                 Club swim cap, one piece black bathing suit,

                                   nose clip and goggles

Time:                          Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm


                             Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 5:30-6:30pm

Date:                           September 14, 2020- April 26, 2021

Water Show:              April 25, 2021- 4:30pm